We can replace the battery in not only your watch but in other electronic devices as well. Come on in and let us take a look. Chances are we'll be able to get your watch or device back up and running.

WATCH REPAIR, service & cleaning

With over 20 years of watch and clock repair experience, let us take a look at cleaning or repairing your clock. 

Is your watch band now quite the right size? Broken links? Bring it in and let us repair or resize the band of your watch. Or, choose from a wide selection of replacement bands that we keep in stock.

CLOCK REPAIR, service & cleaning

​20 Years of Watch & Clock Repair - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Services

WATCH BAND resizing, repair and replacement

Watch repair is our specialty. We have over 20 years of experience repairing and maintaining some of the most expensive and intricate watches ever made. 

Sam's Watch Repair